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5 ways to boost workplace productivity!

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“A company’s culture is the foundation for future innovation.” – Brian Chesky, CEO of AirBnB.

A strong company culture allows for growth in your business, and productivity is likely to be greater because your employees are likely to be advocates for your company. By instilling a culture where people feel they have a voice, they are given the opportunity to grow and if reward and recognition is part of your business objectives, it’s likely work productivity is going to grow.

We have devised five top ways you can improve productivity at work:

  • Stay true to your core values

When developing your company values, it’s important you keep in mind that these are what you want your employees to live by. These values are your company’s foundation, so if you are looking for a strong company culture and you want this to thrive for years to come, it’s vital these values are genuine and achievable to live by day-to-day. If you create a culture whereby living the values is a main part of your role, your employees will become your greatest advocates. Furthermore, this idea can be reinforced regularly when recruiting. Make sure that you are recruiting new members to your team who want to be advocates of your company values, as well as promoting these during the interview process. By including your core values in staff appraisals and reward and recognition programmes, you are continuing to reinforce the importance of these values to your employees.

  • Manage your team, but avoid micromanaging.

Do you find members of your team always asking for your decision on a project? This is why micromanagement is an issue. By providing constant attention and support to your team, whilst this is important, it can also lead to your employees depending on you. Ultimately, micromanaging is ineffective and inefficient. In order to instill this strong company culture to boost productivity, the first step to take is to trust your team members to manage their priorities effectively. Having faith in your team’s abilities to complete tasks to a high standard encourages them, giving them confidence to put their all into the task at hand.

  • Recognise and reward

Companies that have a recognition-rich culture…tend to have dramatically lower turnover rates.” (Bonusly). It’s important for any team or company to adopt a system that recognises and rewards individuals and teams for their hard work. You will find that by recognising and rewarding individuals for their dedication, or excellent work, or for using their initiative, this will improve productivity because your employees will feel appreciated and inspired to work even harder. It’s been suggested that employee recognition is most impactful when it comes from all around, meaning being recognised by company leaders and co-workers too. Furthermore, recognition initiatives are a fantastic way to build stronger relationships between team members, which in turn contributes to building a strong company culture.

  • Promote a team atmosphere

It’s not unusual to hear that “teamwork makes the dream work” due to the fact that promoting teamwork in the workplace helps to create an environment where everyone is working towards the same goal, avoiding a culture where employees focus on just their own achievements. Do you think working in teams is beneficial for problem solving? Working as a team allows for different opinions to be voiced, therefore individuals working together as one means the chances of solving a problem and arriving at a solution is much higher. Ultimately, if a team is collaborating, organising feedback sessions and focusing on one goal, it’s much more likely productivity levels will increase.

  • The 2-minute rule

Steve Olenski, an entrepreneur, explains that “finding and immediately completing tasks that take two minutes or less actually saves you time”. What we are suggesting here is that, if you have small tasks, fill up those 2 minute windows throughout your day whether you are responding to an email, or printing a document, get it done! Another way of looking at this, is that any goal can be set in a 2 minute period. This doesn’t mean you need to reach this goal in 2 minutes, however the only way to accomplish a task is by starting it.

Identifying ways to boost productivity in the workplace is great for creating a stronger company culture, which in turn means your company will attract fantastic team members who will become your greatest advocates. High levels of productivity is also an indication that your employees are enjoying their work and being a part of the company, which means you are less likely to lose valuable employees. Remember, a high turnover rate is likely to have a negative impact on your company culture. But, by implementing these 5 top tips, you will find productivity will improve and so creating a fantastic bond between your employees, as well as promoting a strong company culture that almost every business strives for.

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