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Why eLearning?

eLearning or ‘electronic learning’ allows you and your staff to learn online, anywhere, at any time. We are the leading online training provider for the care sector, and we’re proud to be amongst the few that are endorsed by NCFE. Our know-how, technology and expertise allow us to deliver world-class remote training across a number of different subjects.

More Economical

eLearning courses are extremely cost-effective. Without the requirement for teacher training, travel, printed materials or even staff cover for face-to-face training days, there are opportunities to cut learning and development costs significantly.

Flexible Timetables

Your staff will have 24/7 access to the courses that they are assigned via desktop or mobile app. This means learners can take control of and responsibility for their learning, and they can complete it in a much shorter period of time than face-to-face training would usually take

Easy to Manage

Thanks to our high quality Learning Management System (LMS) and up-to-date reports, you can easily manage and oversee the training of your employees at all levels of your company. Available via mobile app, our sophisticated reporting system shows you compliance at a glance.

Effective Learning

With decades of care experience and our work with national subject matter experts, you can be assured that our courses are relevant, engaging and packed with the latest content. Research has shown that eLearning results in a higher knowledge retention rate, and our platform gives your staff the ability to update their knowledge whenever they require.