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Dysphagia & Texture Modification

Ancillary, Clinical, Managerial, Non-Clinical


This course has been developed in partnership with Nestle Health Science and Sophie Murray, subject matter expert from Sunrise Senior Living. Together, we aim to raise the profile of dysphagia to prevent serious choking incidents or malnourishment.

This course is suitable for all locations providing texture modified food within the health and social care industry, including homecare, care homes, nursing homes and hospitals. To ensure safety of the individuals in your care, any staff member assisting clients to eat will benefit from completing this course.

Sophie Murray states that IDDSI will help caregivers gain a better understanding of dysphagia because, in her own words:
"...if you have an understanding of particle size you are naturally going to increase your understanding around swallow and choking. However, this is entirely dependent on having the correct training."

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Training Objectives

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    List the causes, signs, symptoms and consequences of dysphagia

  • elfy_objective_icon

    Identify types of texture modification and fluid thickness relating to the IDDSI Framework

  • elfy_objective_icon

    Recognise how to care for someone with dysphagia

  • elfy_objective_icon

    Identify the key health professionals who may be involved in caring for an individual with dysphagia


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