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Fire Awareness

Ancillary, Clinical, Managerial, Non-Clinical

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People react faster to fire than to smoke. This course reveals human nature and the actions to take upon discovering a fire, or on hearing the fire alarm.

The aim of this course is to raise awareness of the importance of fire safety for all staff.

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Training Objectives

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    State the causes of fire in the workplace

  • elfy_objective_icon

    Identify the different classes of fire

  • elfy_objective_icon

    Explain what is meant by the fire triangle

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    Describe the different types of fire extinguisher and on what types of fire they can be used

  • elfy_objective_icon

    Describe the actions to be undertaken in the event of a fire

  • elfy_objective_icon

    Describe the importance of a fire risk assessment

Course Reviews

  • "

    This fire course was extremely good. The content was relevant to my job role and I found it to be user friendly.

    Gillian Sampson-Hudson

    Sunrise Senior Living

  • "

    Highly refreshing course. It's provided me with information relevant to my role, in order to prevent fires starting but also what to do in the event of a fire.

    Rasaq Adeyanju

    Care UK, Addington Heights


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