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Fluids & Nutrition

Clinical, Non-Clinical

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Encouraging a balanced healthy diet and fluid intake can influence general health, the ability to recover from an illness and resistance to disease. Poor diet and fluid intake are recognised as major contributory risk factors for ill health and premature death. This Level 1 awareness course looks at the two main causes: malnutrition and dehydration.

This eLearning course intended to provide you with the knowledge required to support people with eating well, and maintaining fluid intake, to promote their wellbeing.

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Training Objectives

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    Be aware of the principles of hydration, nutrition and basic food safety

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    Know how to support individuals with fluid intake

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    Understand how to support individuals with informed food choices to receive the right nutrition

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    Know how to support people when eating

Course Reviews

  • "

    I believe this is a very important learning session. The course is a fantastic educational tool to provide an understanding of fluids and nutrition.

    Rev Roberto Geonzon

    Park View Care Centre

  • "

    Very easy online platform to use, especially on mobile. The content of the course was well presented and comprehensive.

    Ilona Cioaca

    Bramwell, Runwood Homes


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