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Lloyds MAR Charts for Care

Clinical, Non-Clinical


eLearning For You have worked with LloydsPharmacy to create this state-of-the-art course on Medication Administration Records. This course is suitable for all care homes and those with nursing provision where medication is managed by the setting. To ensure safety of the individuals in your care, any staff member administering medication will benefit from completing this course.

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The course will explain:

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    A MAR chart is a legal document

  • elfy_objective_icon

    Your legal duties surrounding the completion of a MAR chart

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    The preparations to be taken prior to administering medication

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    How medication is administered safely and in a way that meets individuals’ needs

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    How to correctly use the codes on a MAR chart

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    The procedures to follow when there are problems with the administration of medication

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    How information is recorded and confidentiality maintained

Course Reviews

  • "

    The course covered everything fully and in depth.

    Nicola Cottingham

    Chocolate Works Springfield Healthcare

  • "

    I found this course to be very informative, and I would refer back to it if I had queries about giving medication.

    Dorothy Rintoul

    Caledonian Court


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