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Medication Administration

Clinical, Non-Clinical

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Dealing with medication requires great care and safety. During this course, you will learn the essential knowledge needed for the safe handling of medication. We will introduce you to, and explain, the whole of the medication administration sequence. This will include: ordering medication, prescriptions, medication audits, safe storage of medication, controlled drugs, routes of administration, the MAR chart, and information on administration.

We hope you enjoy this course and continue to safely handle and deliver medication to your clients.

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Training Objectives

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    State the legislation that underpins medication administration

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    Explain the process to go through from ordering through to administration, also the disposal of medicine

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    Identify the different routes for administration of medicines and the possible drugs for each one

Course Reviews

  • "

    I've really enjoyed doing the medication administration course! It has allowed me to put theory into practice, as I have seen the medication process many times.

    Tia Winter


  • "

    This course was very thought provoking and insightful, as to how to handle and distribute medications within the workplace.

    Jon Luc Board

    Cae Deri


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