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Positive Behaviour Support

Clinical, Non-Clinical

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Challenging behaviour is often an expression of distress or an attempt by a person to communicate an unmet need. Identifying unmet needs, and any other reasons for challenging behaviour, in order to prevent distress should reduce the likelihood of unforeseen events. eLearning For You, alongside our Subject Matter Experts, has developed an eLearning course that will help to bring an understanding to what, at times, can be a very complex subject. Throughout the course, learners will look at many factors that can cause distress including Physical, Cognitive, Psychological and social factors. The course will explore and explain the importance of:

Identifying Patterns
Knowing about Triggers
Recognising Precursors

This valuable course offers much insight into people’s behaviour and the best methods to de-escalate potential incidents that will help to protect all involved.

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Training Objectives

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    Identify key types of behaviours that can cause distress

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    Create a safer and friendlier environment

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    Identify strategies to de-escalate distress

Course Reviews

  • "

    This was a compact course, but it did well at conveying important principles and encourages a realistic viewpoint on client distress.

    Gareth Hancock

    Woodlands Care Centre

  • "

    Great content. It was easy to understand and therefore easy to learn.

    Rachel Newsum



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