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Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment

Clinical / Additional

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This course is designed to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of pressure ulcers and their different categories. They will also be able to outline best practice in skin management and identify the principles of the skin healing process.

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Training Objectives

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    Recognise pressure ulcer categories

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    Identify the principles of the skin healing process

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    Outline best practice in skin management

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    Spot the difference between pressure ulcers and moisture lesions

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    Complete a skin integrity risk assessment

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    Identify pressure-relieving tools

Course Reviews

  • "

    A very practical course, that encompasses some important points for my role.

    Marlene Webb

    Clifton Nursing Home

  • "

    I found the course offered new learning approaches into pressure ulcer prevention. It gave me a new aspect into pressure ulcer prevention.

    Julie Hooker

    Caldwell Grange


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