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Wound Care Management

Clinical / Additional

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To refresh and develop the clinician's knowledge of the wound healing process, dressings, appropriate surgical interventions and any other factors which may compromise wound healing.

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Training Objectives

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    Assess and treat wounds in a care environment

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    Understand the factors affecting wound healing

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    Differentiate between acute and chronic wounds

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    Classify and categorise types of wounds

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    Understand the importance of wound care assessment and documentation

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    Understand the rationale for dressing choice

Course Reviews

  • "

    I learnt a huge amount from this course, it wasn't one of my strong points before. I now feel more confident in assessing and managing.

    Claire McLaughlin

    Weavers House

  • "

    I would highly recommend this course. It was very good and effective.

    Geok Kere Cheong

    Woodlands Care Centre


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