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Here at eLearning For You, we are pleased to offer something called eCompetency. New to the market, it provides a simple, innovative solution to the health and social care sector to help test their skills. eCompetency has been designed by leading health and social care experts, and is the first platform to combine interactive software technology with industry standard assessment methods.

eCompetency Room Picture

eComptency Introduction


eCompetency offers your staff an online portal with a range of mandatory modules available. Employees are presented with a series of rooms containing potential hazards relating to each category. In order to score points, employees are required to identify hazards and to answer questions that will test their competency.

The assessment modules that we offer through eCompetency meet the criteria of the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) which is on all pass certificates. The Statutory/Mandatory CSTF allows employers to identify and recognise previous training and related competencies to a standard, in order to reduce duplication of training.

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Working with eLearning For You

To deliver a seamless user experience with eLearning For You, eCompetency complements training with the added ability to test knowledge in a realistic assessment environment. Upon successful completion of an eCompetency module, your staff will be able to access a comprehensive report which is integrated into the eLearning For You system.

Key Benefits:

Each module on eCompetency takes a maximum of 20 minutes to complete. This makes it an efficient method of testing that can fit around the demands of day to day work-related duties.

The system provides a cost-effective solution to measuring competency when compared to traditional face to face learning methods.

The interactive element of the system has been designed specifically to increase engagement for employees.

eCompetency allows employers to effectively test staff compliance against prior training in line with industry regulations. This ensures that staff meet best practice in their roles.

Following the assessment, employers can identify what areas of improvement are needed for their employees. This allows for more targeted learning through eLearning For You.

To find out more about eCompetency, please contact us and we would be happy to help.