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Launch of digital platform gives health and care staff a voice

Following the 2018 NHS Expo, Matt Hancock has introduced a digital platform for health and care staff, giving them the opportunity to feed back ideas, concerns, questions and challenges directly to the government.

This new platform ‘TalkHealthAndCare’ is part of Hancock’s strategy to bring the NHS into the 21st century, but it’s more than that. The advisory board has been introduced to give staff members in health and care the opportunity to speak, and give their view on what’s happening in the industry. The advisory board will be available on phones and tablets, where staff will receive real-time updates, and will also be supported by other events, forums and webinars on occasion.

I want to bring my knowledge and frankly unsurpassable enthusiasm for tech to Britain’s health and social care.” – Matt Hancock

The new platform comes as Matt Hancock unveils plans to digitally transform technology within the health and social care industry, to make the NHS more efficient and integrated in order to provide better care and better treatment for patients. Speaking at the NHS Expo, Hancock stated that there will be a £20 billion injection of funds to guarantee these improvements long-term. However, he states that “money alone is not enough. We need to make the most of that money”.

It’s no secret that caregivers feel their voices aren’t heard, due to working long hours and feeling undervalued, the industry has always struggled to do more for these individuals. But, now, with the introduction of the Health Tech Advisory Board, all healthcare professionals working within the NHS and social care will have a voice. This platform gives healthcare professionals the ability to share ideas, thoughts and concerns to ultimately, improve patient outcomes and the lives of these staff members too.

The TalkHealthAndCare solution is giving you a voice – you will be able to express your ideas on how to improve something within your working environment. Maybe you want to share your thoughts on changing the way a job is done, to better the outcome of the patient? You can! Or, maybe you want to stop working 12 hour shifts. Now is the opportunity to be heard. The introduction of this platform is a great success for those on the frontline of the UK’s health and social care, and now could be the time we see further actions to improve the NHS.

I’m determined to grow stronger leadership across the NHS. We should train more of our own, yes, and bring in more talent from the outside too, who know how to inspire change”.

To find out more about the TalkHealthAndCare platform, visit the government website here!


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