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LMS Features

As a leading training provider in health and social care, our learning management system is simple and easy to use.

A Learning Management System, or LMS, is a software application that allows you to create, deliver and report on training in your organisation.

Learning Management Systems are used by organisations worldwide and are particularly popular in health and social care. An LMS can be used for employee training and onboarding, compliance training, and e-commerce. The main purpose of a learning management system is to handle the management and delivery of eLearning. Using an LMS gives you the ability to add, organise and deliver all of your online learning in one place. This means that your staff can complete their training wherever they are at any time. An LMS also allows you to report on staff training so that you can monitor and assess training compliance of your employees.

In care, it can be difficult to manage and monitor training and compliance. That’s why our care learning management system is simple and easy to use; it gives you the ability to track and monitor learning throughout your entire organisation. Our LMS is available on all devices 24/7 which means you can manage learning for your organisation at any time, no matter where you are.


At eLearning For You, we are dedicated to raising the quality of care through the delivery of engaging eLearning. With over 60 online care sector courses on our learning management system, covering both mandatory and additional training, it’s certain that you’ll find engaging and relevant training with us for your role.

We have a dedicated team of eLearning developers who work hard to produce state-of-the-art content. With 2D and 3D imagery and animation, our eLearning gives your staff the skills they need to deliver high-quality care. We are proud to have a number of our training courses endorsed by NCFE, a national awarding organisation with a passion for the development and certification of diverse qualifications and awards.

Available 24/7, either via desktop or mobile app, the technology behind our learning management system and our expertise means that we are able to deliver world-class remote training to the care industry, helping to raise the quality of care in the UK.

Learning tools

Research suggests that around 60% of the care sector don’t have English as their first language. At eLearning For You, we’ve made it easy for your staff to complete their training with our language translation tool that offers over 100 different languages. This means that staff can complete their training in a language that they are comfortable with, making sure that they get the most out of their training. Our eLearning also has a dyslexia tool which helps to support staff with their training programme, no matter their ability.


We understand that can be difficult to monitor training compliance in your organisation. Our learning management system has been designed to feed learning directly into RAG status reports; this makes it easier for you to understand if your care business is compliant. Our reports are customisable which means you have the ability to amend the data to suit your needs. You can even add in face-to-face training records so all your staff training is in one place. With real-time reporting, your reports will use a coloured traffic light system, so it’s easy for you to see who is and who isn’t compliant in your organisation.

Mobile App

To make things simple and easy for you, our learning management system is also available via mobile app!

Our courses have been optimised for smaller screens so that it’s easier for you and your staff to complete their online training. Available 24/7 across all devices, our mobile app even lets you view your reports so that you can check compliance at a glance at any time.

Online course certificates

To make things easier for you, all of our courses come with online course certificates. Accessible by managers, your staff will have an online ePortfolio of certificates covering all training to date.

Events Management

Our events management tool allows you to upload and manage events and training days for your organisation. This helps to support you in monitoring and tracking a blended approach towards learning in your business, combining eLearning and face-to-face training events. Available 24/7 on desktop and mobile app, this feature automatically updates your compliance reports.

With this unique tool, you have the ability to set a budget for your events. You can generate waiting lists for popular training seminars and communicate with your staff. This means that all employees in your organisation have the information they need prior to attending your event.


eLearning For You bookshelf iconOur bookshelf feature enables you to share policies, procedures, videos and other important documents in your organisation. You have the ability to allocate and share documents within your company. This means that you have complete control of who can see what documents within your LMS. This feature ensures that compliance is maintained within your entire organisation.

Survey tool

eLearning For You clipboard iconUsing our survey tool, you can gain team, site, company or third-party feedback and insights. Our survey tool also supports automation and easy data analysis, therefore, you have a complete view of feedback and responses, and works well when combined with the events management tool to gather feedback from training days.
  • 211,000+

    learners trained in the care sector

  • 28.9 million

    minutes spent learning per month

  • Over 100

    languages available with our translation tool