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Onboarding Process

At eLearning For You, we have a dedicated onboarding team who work in partnership with our clients. Our team helps to design, build and launch your eLearning solution. We understand that building your LMS can be daunting, which is why we take the stress away by working on it in-house. Upon receiving your company data, our team will upload all of your organisation’s data. This includes learner’s details, historical training records, and course allocation will be completed for you too, saving you valuable time.

A simple 3-step process

Step 1. Send us across your company data and historical training records

Step 2. The onboarding team upload your data, create your hierarchy, rules and allocate your learning

Step 3 Start training! You will be sent all your login information once the process is complete, and your team will be able to start their learning straightaway. With system webinars for managers and a chatty support team for any enquiries, your onboarding and migration process couldn’t be simpler!

The onboarding team

Headed up by Abby Ivey, the onboarding team work hard to create your solution.

Abby says, “I have worked within eLearning For you for almost 4 years, I have worked both as a Relationship Manager and within the Client Services Team. Within the Client Services Team I assisted with the set up and onboarding of clients before working my way up to head up the onboarding department and change the department processes. I now oversee both the Client Services Team and Onboarding Team, and thoroughly enjoy contributing to the client experience from initial set up through to their general day-to-day queries in our client services team. I have gained a great understanding of what a client requires and ultimately enjoy doing my best to support them.”

  • eLearning For You Senior Client Services Manager Abby Ivey

    Abby Ivey

    Head of Client Services