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We've updated our FAQs!

We want to make sure that completing your online training is as simple as possible. That’s why we’ve updated our FAQs, following the recent changes and upgrade to our eLearning For You console:

Q. How do I contact the Support team?
A. You can either contact the team via online chat, email support@elfy.training, or call us on 01202 725080 (option 1).

Q. How do I contact my dedicated Support team?
A. Please contact your manager for the required email address.

Q. How do I log in to complete my training?
A. Head to our website www.elearningforyou.co.uk and select the “Access eLearning” button.

eLearning For You homepage screenshot

Q. What happens if I’ve forgotten my password?
A. If you’ve forgotten your password, please click “trouble logging in?” and follow the step-by-step process in order to reset your password.

*if you have forgotten the answers to your account security questions, please contact your manager who will be able to generate a recovery code. This will allow you to access your eLearning account.

Q. Which browser should I use to access my training?
A. When accessing your eLearning portal, we recommend using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11.

Q. Am I able to use a mobile device or tablet to access my courses?
A. Yes, you can access your training using any mobile device by downloading our mobile app which is available on iPhone via the App Store and on Android via Google Play. Just type in ‘eLearning For You’. You can also access your training using a tablet.

Q. How do I print my course certificates?
A. Your manager or admin will be able to print and provide these for you.

Q. When will I know to complete my refresher training?
A. You will receive an alert within your messages or push notifications via our mobile app. This will inform you that the course is available for completion.

Q. What happens if I fail a course?
A. Depending on your company’s reset permissions, the course will either auto-reset after 10 minutes or you will need to speak to your manager to reset the course.

Q. Once a course is complete and the learner has passed their test, will they still be able to access the course?
A. Yes, the course will still be available for learners to refresh their knowledge at any time.

Q. How do I add face-to-face training records?
A. Your manager or admin can add this to your training record.

Q. A member of staff completed a course 5 minutes ago. Why can’t I view it on my report?
A. All activity will be recorded on the member of staff’s record and timeline.

*Please note that all reports take up to 4 hours to update.


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